Village Lawn and Landscape

Landscaping Pictures

Our team uses some of the best design software available on the market. Through the use of these programs we are able to make 2D and 3D plans in house. We are also happy to work with your landscape architect or provide one for you. 

The benefit to the 3D design is that the property owners can now visualize what their project will look like with out complicated communication between the owner and contractor. 

Complete design and installation of a new landscape.

Project Details: A new construction office on Big Beaver was missing something when the general contractor left. Through the use of the 3D design software the client and our firm was able to design and install a elaborate landscape. Which included an: employee patio, water fall, trees, garden beds, and so much more.

Here are just a few examples of our work from the past few years. 

Re-design of existing landscape (image to the right)

Project Details: The client's water front property became over grown. Through the use of a few new plants, transplantation of existing landscape, and a plan we were able to give this home a fresh new look.   

Installation of a Privacy Fence (image below)

Project Details: The client's home was close to a busy road and they wanted needed to block their house from the road and reduce the traffic noise. Through the use of 72 arborvitaes, our landscape crew create a living privacy fence. 

Garden Bed Maintenance (image to the left)

Project Details: The client's lawn slowly grew in her garden beds and the weeds took over. Our crews spent the entire day, re-edging the garden beds, removing the weeds, and installing 20 yards of mulch. 

Installation of a New Back Yard. (image above)

Project Detail: The client's front and back yard in downtown Birmingham home was neglected by the time he moved in. We re-sodded both the front and back and cleaned up the garden beds.